Missy Reinikainen

Hello. I'm a graphic designer based in Minneapolis. I work at Zeus Jones and specialize in brand design & eating bagels.


Along with an incredible team, I was a part of the inception of Outsiders from concept and product development to branding, packaging and digital.

Photography: Cadillac Gypsy
Styling: Liz Gardner & Scotty Gunderson
Creative: Jason Zabel & Reuven Perlman


From the graveyard, an unused identity for Facebook’s internal design system.


Plantable is a wellness platform that provides plant-based meals, education and support to reset your relationship with food. It’s an amazing company and you can learn more here.

Photography & Illustration: Rachel Hardacre
Development: William Fendler & Mike Anderson
Copy: Jason Zabel & Alex Gaterud


WSB is an engineering firm with eyes toward the future. We partnered to create a brand that brought their bold, innovative spirit to life.

Co-Designer: Gordon McIntyre-Lee
Photography: Aquafox
Copy: John Reini